Sense: Smart Sensor for Wide Area Mesh Presence Detection

Sense is a compact presence detection device utilizing LoRa technology, designed to operate either the Hub or Mini Hub, providing extensive area coverage up to a 3 km radius.

Mesh Network

By creating a mesh network, Sense enhances its coverage and reliability by allowing seamless communication between multiple devices. Featuring 2 PIR sensors and utilizing Edge AI, Sense detects the presence of humans, animals, or vehicles. It evaluates signals and sends data to the Hub or Mini Hub without the need for a Satellite or GSM Network, relying solely on LoRa for data transmission.

Technical Specifications

Unveiling the Superior Features and Capabilities of Sense

Data Transmission
Coverage3 km
Weight300 g
55x95x55 mm
Power SupplyInternal
Operation Conditions-20 +50 C with IP67

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