Eye: Instant Insights, Anytime, Anywhere.

Eye is the next-gen surveillance solution, designed for immediate action and response. With its unique node-to-hub communication, it ensures field staff are informed in real-time, making operations smoother and more efficient.

Mini Hub

Eye is a portable, lightweight large area smart surveillance system designed for tactical field units like special forces. It can connect to multiple LoRa Node cameras and operates independently of any communication infrastructure (GSM, Satellite, etc.), facilitating quick and easy setup for bolstering security.

Data Transmission Bluetooth
Node Connection LoRa
Weight 550 g
Dimensions 65x115x30 mm
Power Supply Internal
Operation Conditions -20 +50 C with IP68


Node is a genuine small form-factor LoRa-based surveillance camera specifically developed for use with Hub and Mini Hub. Multiple Nodes can be installed within 1 km radius to provide large area surveillance together with a single Hub or Mini Hub.

Data Transmission LoRa
Range 1 km
Weight 350 g
Dimensions 91x79x70 mm
Power Supply Internal
Operation Conditions -20 +50 C with IP68

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