Smart Surveillance Systems

AI-powered, unmanned surveillance with edge processing and satellite connectivity. Revolutionizing defense, public safety, and wildlife conservation through small, dual-use technology systems.

Guardians of Peace and Safety​

Our technologies are tailored for high-risk environments, empowering military and public safety units with unparalleled situational awareness. Vigilance, precision, and adaptability define our contribution to preserving peace.

Protectors of the Natural World

Beyond human safety, our devices serve as vigilant sentinels in the wilderness, identifying species and protecting wildlife with intelligent monitoring. Stand with us at the forefront of environmental stewardship.

Border Security

Experience unmatched surveillance in the most inaccessible terrains, from isolated islands to dense jungles and vast deserts. Our satellite-enabled systems deliver real-time monitoring and threat detection, securing national borders and sensitive areas against unauthorized entries and activities. Ideal for regions beyond the reach of traditional networks, these solutions provide the eyes on the ground needed to safeguard territorial integrity with precision and reliability.


Companions: CentralSolo, Hub, Eye

Law Enforcement

Empower law enforcement efforts with advanced technology capable of operating in network-less environments. From controlling illegal immigration to thwarting smuggling and illegal activities, our solutions offer critical insights and rapid alert capabilities. In remote or forested areas, our systems excel in early detection of potential arson, providing law enforcement with a significant advantage in protecting communities and natural resources.



Companions: CentralHub, Eye

Wildlife Conservation

Foster wildlife preservation with our self-sufficient monitoring systems, designed to operate independently of network coverage. These instruments are perfect for tracking endangered species, detecting poaching activities, and conducting comprehensive habitat monitoring in conservation areas. With the ability to operate autonomously, our technology ensures continuous, unobtrusive observation of wildlife, aiding conservation efforts in maintaining biodiversity and ecological balance.


Companions: CentralHub


Solo, tailored for remote areas without GSM, detects activity, records with electro-optic and thermal cameras, analyzes on-device via edge AI, and sends alerts via satellite. Ideal for critical, off-grid surveillance.


Hub orchestrates Node cameras in remote areas without GSM, employing edge AI for analyzing and sending essential footage via satellite, aiming to significantly improve surveillance coverage in extensive, isolated areas.


Eye, a portable and lightweight smart surveillance system, caters to special forces in vast areas. It connects to Node cameras, functioning without communication infrastructure, enabling rapid setup for enhanced field security.


Central is a command and control platform that not only integrates seamlessly with our products but also captures videos and photos from commercial trail cameras using GSM. These images are analyzed using AI to identify objects like humans, vehicles, and animals, instantly sending alerts through web and mobile applications. This system enhances decision-making, reduces the reliance on experienced manpower, and minimizes human errors.


Our Mission

Transforming Surveillance, Protecting Our World.

We are committed to revolutionizing the way we approach surveillance and monitoring. Through pioneering AI technology and state-of-the-art robotics, we strive to enhance defense capabilities and public safety while simultaneously championing environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

At the core of our innovation lies dual-purpose functionality – solutions designed not only for protecting communities but also preserving our world. With our products, we aim to empower military and public safety units and safeguard our ecosystems, bridging the gap between security and sustainability.