RobotEye Enters Investment Talks with NATO Innovation Fund

RobotEye has been selected for investment discussions with the NATO Innovation Fund (NIF), standing out among 239 applicants as one of the 30 companies invited for interviews in Turkey. This milestone underscores RobotEye’s innovative capabilities and potential in AI technologies. The company extends its gratitude to key supporters, including Andrea Traversone, Benjamin Balmforth, ODTU Teknokent’s […]

HAVELSAN and RobotEye to Develop AI Systems

On May 31, 2024, during SEDEC 2024, Turkey’s premier homeland security fair, HAVELSAN and RobotEye signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on artificial intelligence technologies. This agreement marks a significant step towards enhancing AI capabilities in the defense industry. By combining HAVELSAN’s extensive experience in defense systems with RobotEye’s innovative AI solutions, the […]

Plan-S and RobotEye Partner for Advanced Satellite Surveillance Solutions

Plan-S Satellite and Space Technologies has announced a strategic partnership with RobotEye, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This collaboration integrates Plan-S’s comprehensive satellite communication services with RobotEye’s smart surveillance systems. The initiative aims to extend satellite connectivity to remote and underserved areas, addressing the needs of sectors such as environmental conservation and public […]

Defense Here Reports on RobotEye’s $12.5M Investment

Turkish artificial intelligence company RobotEye receives investment at a valuation of $12.5 million.

Anadolu Ajansı: RobotEye’s AI Solutions Boost Border Security

Turkish AI defense firm secures investment at valuation of $12.5M RobotEye AI seizes opportunity to meet demands of border security-challenged regions with help of powerful new resources.

RobotEye Sponsors Turkish Near-Earth Orbit and Cube Satellite Workshop

On September 28, 2023, RobotEye announced its role as the Bronze Sponsor for the “Turksat Near-Earth Orbit and Cube Satellite Workshop.” Scheduled for October 18-19, 2023, at the ATO Congresium Congress and Exhibition Center, the event will bring together professionals from the defense and space sectors, academia, and industry. RobotEye, known for its AI-based surveillance […]